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How to build a polypropelyne tank?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Fabricating an industrial-grade polypropylene tank for an industrial company is a complex but achievable process. It requires precise measurements, quality materials, and thorough safety protocols. Here’s a step-by-step guide to fabricating an industrial-grade polypropylene tank for your industrial company.

First, you need to draw a plan for the tank. You can use any CAD software to create a 3D model of the tank or draw it out by hand. Make sure to factor in the tank's dimensions, the material's thickness, and any other requirements that the project calls for.

Second, procure the necessary materials. Polypropylene is ideal for industrial applications because of its resilience and flexibility. Look for grade-specific polypropylene that is suited to your needs. Research suppliers and compare prices to find the most affordable option (1).

Third, cut and shape the polypropylene into the desired shape. Safety should be your top priority during this part of the process; make sure to have protective gear on at all times (2).

Fourth, assemble and weld all pieces until they create a single unit. The tank should be checked regularly during this stage to ensure that it meets industry standards (3).

Finally, test the tank's integrity by filling it with something of equal weight and pressure, as it will be used in production (4). Once you’ve confirmed that it holds up against stress tests, you can install it in its designated location (5).

Following these steps, you can fabricate an industrial-grade polypropylene tank for your industrial company. With careful planning, precise measurements, and quality materials, you can create a safe and reliable container for your business needs.

Need Help?

We are certified plastic welders, and we can fabricate your custom polypropylene tank. Request a free quote at or call us at 1-410-737-4700.

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