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Mechanical Maintenance

We are onsite mechanical service providers for Northrop Grumman, W.R. Grace, and Pixelle Specialty Solutions and we serve hundreds more. 

We understand how frustrating it can feel as a maintenance manager or general contractor to find experienced and trustworthy mechanical providers whom you can trust to decrease downtime and meet the expectations of excellence.

That's why we've dedicated ourselves since 1988 to be an experienced & trustworthy mechanical solutions provider. 

As on-site mechanical providers for Northrop Grumman and W.R. Grace, we help serve as auxiliary support for hundreds of maintenance managers across the nation. We have experience as general contractors building entire mechanical rooms and have completed multi-million dollar projects. 


We also serve as specialty trade providers for project estimators and project leaders representing general contractors to aid in their project estimation or execution. 

We give our customers and general contractors a competitive edge because of our experience and project precision in meeting critical scheduling demands. What takes others weeks to months we can complete in days to weeks.

Planned Maintenance 

Planned Maintenance is one of the most effective strategies we recommend for avoiding unexpected situations. As part of our planned maintenance strategies, we recognize critical path repair items (critical for operations), deliver a cost analysis, and schedule the maintenance in advance. 

By scheduling maintenance we can schedule the man power appropriately, secure materials timely, and be prepared for discovery work during the shutdown event. 

Industrial Plant Maintenance Services & Solutions

Our industrial services, skilled technicians, and equipment expertise help you decrease downtime, increase efficiency and optimize the performance of your critical assets.

We specialize in mechanical maintenance and FRP (Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics) installation, repair, and maintenance. When it comes to Paper & Pulp Maintenance, we offer long-term solutions that keep facilities running longer: 

  • Pulpers

  • Digesters

  • Refiners

  • Paper Machines

  • Fine Paper Machines

  • Paperboard Machines

  • Converting and Packaging lines

  • Powerhouse Boilers

Reliability Excellence with warrantied workmanship
We have served on-call and shutdown services for Pixelle Specialty Solutions, Evergreen Packaging, and dozens more. Our skilled workforce established processes and innovative experienced custom fabrication services combine to help maintenance managers meet their unique business needs. 


Whether you lack skilled on-site workers with advanced training or are not currently operating at peak productivity, you can count on our maintenance solutions to help meet your facility's reliability, critical scheduling demands, and operating sustainability. 

Scope of Services
  • Augment Customers Maintenance Force (Production & Craft)

  • Maintenance Support and Contracts (Daily and Shut Down/Outage)

  • Welding, Pipe Fitting, Plumbing, Carpentry, Concrete Masonry, Painting

  • Process Piping & Licensed Plumbing Staff

  • Process Equipment & Erecting

  • Platform & Structural Fabrications

  • Welding – Stick, TIG, MIG

  • Mechanical Contracting

  • Metal Fabrications

  • Machine/Equipment – Repairs, Installation, & Removal

  • HVAC, Chillers, Cooling Towers Installations

  • Rigging Services

  • Bag House Maintenance & Filter Changes

  • Concrete Services

  • Steam System Maintenance & Repairs

  • Tank Cleaning & Repairs

  • Various Painting Contracts


We attend to the last detail in small projects and the most significant expansions. Our Industrial Mechanical Service crews represent the major skilled crafts and work with excellent flexibility.


We can furnish an auxiliary workforce on an as-needed basis to augment your daily operations, shutdown periods, or current quoted bid prices on turn-key jobs. We are located in Baltimore, MD, but can provide services nationwide. We pride ourselves on being able to service a wide selection of companies. Our industrial mechanical service team is comprised of experts from multiple fields to ensure high-quality results, no matter the industry.

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