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Specialty Trade Contractors

Maintaining What Matters as Industrial Contractors & Maintenance Professionals Since 1988

Company Background

With our home office stationed in Baltimore, Maryland, we have had the distinct opportunity to service industrial needs and offer industrial solutions since 1988

As a total quality industrial solutions provider, we aim to offer the highest quality service at a competitive price to cut costs, increase productivity, and bring peace of mind to our service customers. We specialize in Fiberglass Tank Repair, Fiberglass Tank Relines, Fiberglass Tank Modifications, High-Performance Coatings, Plastic Welding, and Mechanical Services.  

We have the distinct opportunity to serve organizations like The University of Maryland,  The Baltimore AquariumThe White House in D.C., John Hopkins University, and over 250 organizations and companies nationwide. We are proud to partner with businesses like Northrop Grumman, W.R. Grace, and B.G.E. to help them achieve their standards of excellence. 

As specialty contractors, mechanical technicians, and industrial maintenance professionals, we strive to provide top-quality business solutions for all projects. Our performance and attention to detail are guaranteed from large design-build projects to small service work. 

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Our mission is to serve as specialty trade providers to the industrial and commercial sectors offering high-quality mechanical, fiberglass, high-performance coating, and custom fabrication services that bring lasting value to our long-term business partnerships.

PlasTech Services Inc


We envision an industrial industry that maximizes facility sustainability, fiscal responsibility, and relational beneficiality which results in a better quality of life for our communities.


We strive to be hungry, humble, and Smart


To be hungry is to strive for innovation and excellence with a customer-centric attitude and work ethic. 

To be humble is to refuse to sacrifice safety, ethics, and teamwork in exchange for productivity and increasing our bottom line. We own what we do, and we deliver on our promises. 

To be smart is to help our service partners achieve facility and equipment sustainability with environmental awareness and cost-effective solutions. 

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