Floor and wall coatings with chemical and corrosion-resistant coatings

Our Mission is to work with our customers to find the right coating for their applications. We can install any floor coating specified in the project scope. We have experience working with several floor coatings, including ChemProof, Sherwin Williams, and other heavy industrial floor coatings. 
Our team begins with a consultation to understand the project, or part that needs to be coated, review any specs, present a detailed scope, and complete the project as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

The durable, chemical-resistant, and cost-effective coating services provided by the experts at PlasTech Services, Inc. meet a variety of functional needs and applications for manufacturing customers, including:

  • Protecting against rust, oxidation, and corrosion
  • Providing nonstick properties
  • Protection from chemicals
  • Quality Assurance
Our team continually strives to exceed customers’ quality expectations using the knowledge we’ve obtained from over 30+ years of experience. All orders are quality-checked at every stage to ensure the job is done right the first time. 

Industrial areas, like containment areas, need applications that are safe and have a consistent function in the presence of environmental and industrial chemicals. At PlasTech, our industrial coatings division provides the highest quality selection of chemical-resistant coatings. Chemical and acid resistant paint coatings are some of the most cost-effective solutions for metal materials such as steel or aluminum which are often exposed to harsh substances or environments. They are also cost-effecitve solutions for concrete containment areas. These coatings offer a variety of valuable attributes:

  • Chemical resistance

  • Corrosion resistance

  • Abrasion resistance

  • Lubricating properties

  • Easier clean-up


PlasTech Services, Inc. offers three decades of expertise in the application of chemical resistant coatings in hundreds of businesses nationwide. 

PlasTech offers chemical coating services as well as decorative and food service flooring to ensure that no matter what your needs are, we will provide top-tier service. 

  • Install Corrosion Resistant Coatings & Linings on new or existing concrete and steel surfaces.

  • Installation of Decorative and Food Service Flooring


Our field service crews use a wide range of chemical coating services and techniques, including: Epoxy, Novolac Epoxy, Vinyl Ester, Polyurethane, etc., coatings to meet your exact requirements. These products can be spray, brush, roller, or trowel applied to achieve the thickness and coverage needed for the specific application. In addition, many of these coatings are able be modified to meet specific flexural modulus and strength, fast cure, and provide premium corrosion resistance where high concentrations of Sulfuric Acid, Sodium Hydroxide, Sodium Hypochlorite, and an array of other chemicals are present.

In addition, we also offer a Coating System that uses specialized plural component equipment to provide advantages such as:

  • Fast Set (Tack free in 90 seconds)

  • Rapid Cure (Supports light traffic in 60-120 minutes)

  • 100% Solids

  • Flexible

  • Tough elastomeric membrane

  • Resistance to a wide range of chemicals

  • Excellent thermal stability

  • Low permeance rate

  • USDA approved

  • Installation range of -40F to +350F


Ideal Applications:

  • Secondary Containments

  • Below grade waterproofing

  • Above grade waterproofing

  • Tank Linings

  • Concrete Surface Remediation