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Fiberglass Field Repair Services

Fiberglass Field Service

Fiberglass Field Service Repairs for Fiberglass Tanks, Fiberglass Piping Systems, Fiberglass Tanker Trailers

Fiberglass Tanks

Fiberglass Tanks can be repaired and relined onsite. Our field service teams are authorized service providers of Xerxes Tanks and Tanks Direct. 

Fiberglass Inspection

We offer fiberglass inspection services for your tank, mobile tanker, piping system, or any fiberglass related item. 

Hand-Lay Fiberglass

We offer custom fabrication services for fiberglass related needs. As fiberglass specialists, we are capable of building any desire piece of equipment or reinforce and existing piece of equipment with fiberglass. 

Fiberglass Reline

We can perform fiberglass tank relines one any size fiberglass tank. We serve EcoLab, WWTP, WTP, WR Grace, and are the preferred fiberglass experts by TAI Engineering. 

Fiberglass Piping Systems

We can install or repair fiberglass piping systems in the field or make shop modifications for a streamlined installation process. 

FRP Tanker Trailers

We perform tank relines for FRP Tankers from all over the County: Maryland, Texas, Florida, and more. What takes others 4-6 months we can accomplish in 6 days. 

Turnkey Capabilities Summary: - Fiberglass Fabricators - Pipe, Grating and Structures - Field Service Repairs - Turnkey Capabilities from Modifications to Installation

Products and Services Include: - Wholly integrated fiberglass pipe & grating fabrication shop - Field fabrication & installation available upon request - Fully insured, Fully Certified to ASTM B31.3: - Taper Joints to 24″ - Socket Joints to 12″ - Saddles, Tee Miters, Butt Wrap Joints to 60″ - Fiberglass Pipe Fabrication & Installation

Trusted Fiberglass Service Providers for TAI Engineering, Xerxes, Tanks Direct, W.R. Grace, EcoLab, Chlorox, Poolsure, and dozens more. 

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