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Our Team at PlasTech Services Inc.

With decades of experience behind them, the director team at PlasTech Services, Inc. is continuously driving our mission of managing costs, increasing productivity, decreasing downtime, and boosting profitability with the utmost dedication to safety for our customers. 

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Chemical distributors, Water Water Treatment Facilities, and similar industrial operations can discover fiberglass storage tanks with degradation, cracking, and delamination of the fiberglass due to chemical and UV exposure.

Inner linings, side-wall delamination, manways, roof areas, floor areas, nozzle attachments, and other penetration locations can become the most critical areas identified for repair. 

In addition, the vent piping on top of the tanks may need to be replaced. If the structural integrity remains intact, facility engineers and maintenance managers can skip the stress of replacing FRP Tanks and request a free quote for an FRP Tank repair or reline. 

We can provide high-strength, chemical-resistant fiberglass repairs and a wax coating to prevent further degradation. We will sand the fiberglass, grind any cracks or holes to the appropriate layer, fill and repair, and reline the tank's inner walls. 


Fiberglass Piping systems are composite piping systems, fittings, and structures for the oil and gas, chemical, marine, offshore, fuel handling, and mining industries. As the need arises, engineers will specify fiberglass piping systems in the project scope to achieve design demands. 
When construction project estimators cost out projects, they may discover specifications for a Fiberglass piping system. Due to the special uniqueness of fiberglass piping systems, project estimators can make a costly error assuming these systems are similar in cost and workmanship to other traditional piping systems, like PVC. This error is exasperated at the installation level when trade skills workers lack the experience and capabilities to execute the installation of fiberglass piping systems. The structure of fiberglass piping systems requires a unique set of knowledge, experience, materials, and skill. Mistaking fiberglass piping systems for something like PVC can be a costly mistake both in project estimation for time, material, and, unfortunately, product failure. 

Fiberglass piping system materials and installation applications differ entirely from PVC and other trade materials (Steel, HDPE, copper, etc.). The costs and materials of FRP are higher than PVC, and the installation is more time-consuming and requires a unique installation technique. As a specialty trade provider, we make ourselves available to all General and Sub-Contractors in Maryland and surrounding states like Virginia, West Virginia, Pennsylvania, Washington D.C., and Delaware. We are equipped to travel nationwide. 
We strongly advise project estimators to contact us regarding costs for time and materials before submitting their bids. We also recommend project leaders secure our services by scheduling our teams on upcoming projects for reliable and fast installation to keep their projects running on schedule.  Regarding Fiberglass, FRP, or Fiberglass Piping systems, we are the local expert in Maryland, Baltimore, Washington D.C., and the Baltimore / D.C. Metro area. We can provide and install fiberglass piping systems, fittings, and structures for the oil and gas, chemical, marine, offshore, fuel handling, and mining industries.


Since 1988, Plastech has specialized in fiberglass repairs in the Industrial Industry. Whether in the shop or field service, our technicians perform: ​

  • Field Service Repair or Shop Modifications

  • Fiberglass Tank Repair

  • Fiberglass Tank Modifications

  • Fiberglass Tank Reline

  • Fiberglass Piping System Installation

  • Fiberglass Piping System Repairs

  • Fiberglass Piping System Overwraps

  • Hand-Lay Fiberglass Services

  • FRP Piping Installation

  • FRP Piping Repair

  • FRP Piping Modifications

  • Fiberglass Inspections and Quality Control (e.g., surface profile tests, adhesion tests, Barcol Hardness Tests, Acetone Sensitivity tests). 

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Fiberglass Bucket Reapirs

  • Custom Fiberglass Repairs

We are the first-choice fiberglass experts for TAI Engineering, Kuehne Chemical, Pixelle Specialty Solutions, and hundreds more. We perform shutdown services for Pixelle Specialty Solutions and W.R. Grace, and we've performed Tank Relines for Ecolab, Clorox, and dozens more. 

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