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Chemical distributors, water treatment facilities, and similar industrial operations often find themselves dealing with fiberglass storage tanks that have degraded, cracked, and delaminated due to chemical and ultraviolet (UV) exposure.

Inner linings, side-walls, manways, roofs, floors, nozzles, and other penetration points can become the most critical locations identified for repair. In addition, the vent piping located on top of the tanks might require replacement. If the structural integrity of the tank remains intact, facility engineers can skip the stress of repairing FRP tanks and request a free quote from us for an FRP tank repair or relining.

We can provide high-strength, chemical-resistant fiberglass repairs and a protective wax coating to prevent further damage. We will sand the fibers, grind any cracks or openings to the proper thickness, fill and seal, and re-line the tank’s inner walls.


Fiberglass pipe repair is a specialized field within the plumbing industry. It involves repairing damaged pipes made of glass-reinforced plastic (GRP). FRP pipes are used in many industrial settings, including manufacturing plants, refineries, power stations, and water treatment facilities. They are often preferred over steel pipes because they are lighter, stronger, and easier to handle. However, they are not impervious to damage. In fact, they are prone to cracking and breaking if subjected to extreme temperatures or pressures. These cracks can lead to leaks, which can cause serious problems.

Fiberglass piping systems are composite piping systems used in many industrial processes. They are made up of glass fibers embedded in a resin matrix. These pipes are strong, lightweight, corrosion-resistant, and easy to handle. They are used in a wide variety of applications ranging from water supply lines to high-pressure steam lines.


Since 1988, Plastech has specialized in fiberglass repairs in the Industrial Industry. Whether in the shop or field service, our technicians perform: ​

  • Field Service Repair or Shop Modifications

  • Fiberglass Tank Repair

  • Fiberglass Tank Modifications

  • Fiberglass Tank Reline

  • Fiberglass Piping System Installation

  • Fiberglass Piping System Repairs

  • Fiberglass Piping System Overwraps

  • Hand-Lay Fiberglass Services

  • FRP Piping Installation

  • FRP Piping Repair

  • FRP Piping Modifications

  • Fiberglass Inspections and Quality Control (e.g., surface profile tests, adhesion tests, Barcol Hardness Tests, Acetone Sensitivity tests). 

  • Custom Fabrication

  • Fiberglass Bucket Reapirs

  • Custom Fiberglass Repairs

We are the first-choice fiberglass experts for TAI Engineering, Kuehne Chemical, Pixelle Specialty Solutions, and hundreds more. We perform shutdown services for Pixelle Specialty Solutions and W.R. Grace, and we've performed Tank Relines for Ecolab, Clorox, and dozens more. 


The process of joining two pieces of plastic together using heat and pressure is known as plastic welding. It’s used to make things like pipes, tanks, and containers. In some cases, plastic welding is done to create a permanent bond between two objects made of different materials. This is useful when you want to keep your water supply safe from leaks, or if you need to build a tank that will hold chemicals without leaking.


PlasTech is a leading provider of high-performance floor coatings. We provide a wide range of products and services to help protect your facility from damage caused by water, oil, dirt, and other contaminants. We offer a full line of commercial-grade floor finishes, including epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, and vinyl. We also provide custom solutions for specific applications.

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