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What is Hand-Lay Fiberglass?

Updated: Dec 12, 2022

Hand-Lay fiberglass is the process of reinforcing a structure or custom fabricating a product with fiberglass, by hand. Check out this video:

People often search for "fiberglass repair near me" on google in the hopes of finding a professional service to repair their boats, cars, or other residential fiberglass products. For us at PlasTech, we do the same thing, but on an industrial level.

We specialize in Fiberglass Repair, especially when it comes to things like repairing a Fiberglass Tank or fixing a fiberglass pipe. In fact, did you know entire bridges can be made out of Fiberglass? That's right! When cured properly, Fiberglass can become stronger, lighter, and more durable than steel. We've seen fiberglass tanks last over 30 years in wastewater treatment facilities.

At PlasTech, we have field service teams that can respond to on-site fiberglass repair needs. We also install Fiberglass Piping Systems on new construction. Finally, we perform custom fiberglass fabrication services and perform in-shop site prep work for fiberglass piping at large manufacturing facilities. Chemical Manufacturers, Pulp & Paper Manufacturers, Utility Industry, and the Oil and Gas industry all use Fiberglass for its durability, ease of repair, and chemical resistance.

Various companies even sell fiberglass wrap kits with water-activated fiberglass wrap and fiberglass pipe repair tape. Fiberglass is so versatile, with the right primer, fiberglass can adhere to almost anything: Steel, Stainless Steel, PVC, Copper... You name it! For more information about Fiberglass, Fiberglass Tank Repairs, Fiberglass piping Systems, FRP, FRP Tanker Relines, or custom fabrication please connect with us at

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