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Nationwide Service for Fiberglass Tank Repair, FRP Piping Repair, Plastic Welding, Protective Coatings, and mechanical Contracting. 

Better Industrial Solutions, Response Time, and Results

W.R. Grace


Northrop Grumman

Keep Your Facility Running in 3 Simple Steps:

We understand how frustrating it can feel to find quality service to keep your facility running. That's why we are dedicated to providing our partners with on-time demand for critical scheduling, decreased downtime, and increased efficiency through safe work standards. 



Contact us directly  to discuss the details of your needs. Fabricate, repair, or install we can meet your industrial needs. ​



With innovative thinking & 30+ years of experience, we offer quality solutions  with a detailed scope to get the job done right the first time. 



Schedule your next project or service. We offer flexibility to meet your needs. 


Fiberglass Tank Repair Services
Fiberglass Piping Repair and Installation Services

We specialize in providing top-tier fiberglass pipe repair and installation services, setting an industry benchmark for excellence. Our expertise encompasses working with reinforced fiberglass pipe, a material renowned for its durability and versatility in various industrial applications. 

We work with leading fiberglass pipe manufacturers to streamline installation and repair services to meet the highest standards of quality, efficiency, and safety to ensure every piping system is set up for optimal performance. 

We also offer fiberglass pipe wrap solutions. These wraps are instrumental in reinforcing pipes, providing an extra layer of protection against environmental factors and operational stresses. 


 From the initial consultation to the final implementation, our team works closely with clients to understand their specific needs and provide tailored solutions. Whether it's a complex installation involving multiple fiberglass pipe fittings or a straightforward repair job, our focus is always on delivering results that exceed expectations.

We specialize in providing top-notch industrial plastic welding services. Our expertise lies in repairing and installing polypropylene and other industrial plastics that offer superior chemical resistance and purity.


We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver durable, cost-effective, and precise welding solutions. Our commitment to quality ensures that we meet the specific needs of our clients in challenging industrial environments, making us a trusted partner in the field of industrial plastic welding.

Plastic Welding Services
High-Performance and Protective Coating Services

We excel in applying protective and high-performance and protective coatings, specifically designed to offer exceptional chemical resistance. Our coatings are engineered to protect a wide range of surfaces and equipment in harsh industrial environments.


By using advanced materials and application techniques, we ensure that our coatings not only provide superior chemical resistance but also enhance the durability and longevity of the assets they protect.


Our focus on high-performance coatings demonstrates our commitment to delivering solutions that meet the rigorous demands of our clients, ensuring their equipment remains safe, functional, and corrosion-free even in the most challenging conditions.

We provide exceptional industrial mechanical contracting services, with a proud emphasis on our onsite presence at Northrop Grumman in Maryland.


Our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to offering comprehensive mechanical solutions, from installation and maintenance to complex system overhauls.


Our onsite services at Northrop Grumman highlight our capability to work within and adapt to the specific needs of industry leaders. We bring a combination of technical expertise, swift responsiveness, and a commitment to safety and quality, ensuring that our industrial mechanical contracting services contribute significantly to the operational efficiency and success of our clients.

Mechanical Contracting Services

Schedule Shutdown Services

As certified and insured contractors, we provide shutdown services for plants to meet critical scheduling with safety and excellence. ​

  • Confined space certified

  • CMMC - Cyber Security Compliant

  • Aerial Lift Certified

  • Respirator certified

  • Forklift Certified

  • OSHA 30 Certified

  • OSHA 10 Certified 

  • Fiberglass Inspection and Repair Specialists

  • DOT Program Certified

  • CRP & First Aid Trained 

  • Competent Person Certified

  • Fall Protection Certified

  • Lock Out / Tag Out Certified

  • Mig, Tig, and Stick Welding Certified

  • Pump Alignment Certified

  • Process Safety Management

Located in Baltimore, Maryland we travel the nation as a specialty trade maintenance company, we have an array of solutions and services to meet your unique industrial needs. 

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