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"What do you mean by 'Industrial Services & Solutions?'"

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Industrial refers to a branch of the economy that produces related materials, goods, or services. When it comes to the industrial industry, one is speaking about something related to a large-scale business-like Power Generation (coal, gas, nuclear), Manufacturing Facilities (chemicals, pharmaceutics, consumer goods), factories, and the like. The Industrial sector contains roughly fourteen industries:[1]

The industrial industry is crucial to our economy and, in many cases, a part of our national security. The industrial industry is supported by the new infrastructure spending bill offering 65 Billion dollars and promising to create 1.5 million jobs per year for the next ten years. [2] At PlasTech Services, Inc., we provide repair, installation, inspection, and fabrication services to the fourteen sectors of the industrial industry. We also provide industrial-grade services to the commercial industry. The difference between the industrial and commercial industries is the former seeks to provide manufactured goods (power, refineries, plants, etc), while the latter exists to generate revenue from selling services and goods.

At Plastech Services, Inc., our mission is to extend facility and equipment sustainability for commercial and industrial companies by offering services and solutions that result in our business customers experiencing safe work practices, decreased downtime, reduced operating costs, and increased operational efficiency.

However, we are not only passionate about our customers but also our PlasTech Team. We believe we should provide every person the opportunity to work in a supportive, dependable, diverse, and family-like business so that we can thrive as a societal asset and bring about a positive impact on our local community.

Interested in joining our team or becoming a service partner? Send us an email at, call us at

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[1] Kennon, Joshua. “What Are the Sectors and Industries of the S&P 500?” The Balance, Jan. 21, 2022.

[2] The White House, Nov. 06, 2021.

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