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How a Chemical Delivery Company decreased down time by 90%

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

"So, you can fabricate this flange in two weeks? It takes four months to get this part ordered, and we have to buy a whole kit to replace the part."

One of our chemical delivery customers decreases their trucks' downtime by 90% by leveraging our custom fabrication services. For example, when drivers attempt to open a flange bolted to a valve on the bottom of the chemical delivery trucks, they often crack or weaken the flange, rendering the trucks inoperable.

Our customer can't simply replace the piece but must order an entire kit, which costs more money with unnecessary parts, with a 4-5 month lead time. It may be hard to believe, but a small broken component like a flange can leave a delivery truck inoperable for almost 50% of the year, costing the chemical delivery company thousands of dollars.

Our custom fabrication services decreased their downtime by 90%, cut costs, and boosted productivity. That's 12-16 weeks of productivity back in the company's operational efficiency.

Business leaders and maintenance managers shouldn't have to sideline their business operations because of supply chain issues. Contact us at to see how our custom fabrication and specialty fiberglass solutions can keep your facility running, no matter what.

Check out our services by clicking here or contact us by requesting a quote by clicking here.

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