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FRP Tank Repair and Services For Chemical Plants

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Fiberglass Tank Repair

PlasTech Services extends the life of your Fiberglass Tanks with professional FRP services. Our corrosion experts will help restore your tank to optimize and streamline your operations.  Our long-term relationships extend to WR Grace, Kuehne Chemical, and more. 


FRP Pipe Repair

Whether repairing or replacing Fiberglass Piping Systems, our capabilities cover direct replacement, modifications, and custom fabrication. 

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Protective Coatings

As specialists in protective coatings, we source and install the most durable and lasting coatings for chemical and slip resistance. 


Custom Fabrication

We not only specialist in FRP Tank and Piping repairs, but we also specialize in custom fiberglass fabrications for chemical processing plants and facilities. 

Fiberglass Fabrication Box at PlasTech Services.HEIC
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Plastic Welding

From Plastic Tank and Piping Repair to custom fabrication, our professional experts can repair plastic tanks, and plastic piping, install poly pro and polyethylene, or custom fabricate any part, pipe, or tank to meet your facility needs. 


Chemical Tanker Reline & Repair

We repair and reline mobile fiberglass tankers and tanker-trailers for chemical processing companies across the nation. We also custom fabrication parts and components to replace the PVC and steel parts that corrode and crack. 

FRP Tanker Trailer Inspection
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