Manufacturer received $4 Million Grant. Could this be you?

Plant Services Magazine posted a podcast episode by The Tool Belt Podcast, "How grants and funding can help manufacturers implement improvement projects?" What kinds of projects would qualify for grants and funding? Check out this article to find out!

"For the past year or so, many manufacturers have struggled to keep up and running, maintain staff, and adjust to the digital changes the pandemic required. Making these changes or funding a new project, like a digitalization effort, for example, can be expensive, but there are grants and funding available to help. In this podcast episode, Amanda Del Buono, Digital Engagement Manager for Control Global and Control Design, interviews Micki Vandeloo, president of Lakeview Consulting, a consultancy that works with manufacturers, not-for-profits, and other organizations to help them obtain grants to support major projects and initiatives.

ADB: Last time you were here, you explained that manufacturers often don't know what's available to them in terms of grants and awards. Could you maybe just start by reminding our listeners what's available to them, especially as manufacturers are facing new challenges in light of the past year. What types of projects would qualify manufacturers for grants?

MV: Sure. So, let's talk about, first of all, the changing landscape that COVID brought to the grant world. Because I can tell you that in my years of writing grants, which has over 10 years now, in the manufacturing sector, I have never seen a year that has been like this in terms of the grant landscape. And what I can tell you is that there are two ways that manufacturers can qualify for grants. Now, one of those is a way that could not be a qualification before COVID."

You Can read the rest of the article here: How grants and funding can help manufacturers implement improvement projects

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