Fiberglass Tank Inspection FORM

  • Hassle-Free Checklist by the professionals 

  • Properly prepare Maintenance Budget

  • Easily records points of failure

  • Predict your upcoming maintenance needs

Why does a checklist matter?

  1. DATA TRACKING - Recording the correct information is critical when repairing or relining a Fiberglass or FRP Tank. 

  2. TIME & MATERIAL COSTS - The tank size will determine the time and material costs (i.e., T&M), additional project requirements (e.g. scaffolding), resin choice, and ensure the entirety of the tank is adequately inspected and maintained. 

Let's say, for example, the incorrect size of a stationary fiberglass tank was recorded, e.g., the estimated size was 10 ft in diameter when the actual size is 14 ft in diameter. The Tank size determines the scaffolding necessary to complete the project. If the scaffolding size is too small, the scaffolding will have to be broken down and moved to each side of the tank, costing thousands of dollars for additional manpower and downtime.